Learn More about Sullivan’s Scrapping Metal 101


The Sullivan’s experience is fast and easy! To better prepare for a visit to one of our facilities, please review our step-by-step instructions on how the process works from arrival to payment.

First time visiting Sullivan’s Scrap? New customers must have valid photo id to receive barcode* from scale operator. Your barcode* acts as your identity and is yours to keep. The barcode* will also keep track of your Loyalty Reward Points. Below are a few tips and tricks.

- How It Works:

  1. Bring your materials to one of our scales.
  2. Hand barcode* to scale operator. Your material will be weighed and receipt printed.
  3. Take receipt to ATM located in front parking lot in small building with blue roof.
  4. Scan barcode* at top of receipt to receive your money!

- Where Do I Go Once I Get My Barcode*?

Non-ferrous scale (copper, aluminum brass, stainless)
  1. Non-ferrous scale is located at front parking lot.
  2. Separate your material – place into carts/buckets. A scale operator is there if you need assistance.
  3. Push your scrap material onto the scale. Hand scale operator barcode*, get weighed and cash out!
Ferrous scale (iron)
  1. Drive to ferrous truck scale which is located in the second entrance past the gated parking lot.
  2. Provide the truck scale operator your barcode* to get the first gross weight.
  3. Scale operator will then instruct you where to unload your scrap metal.
  4. Pull back onto truck scale to get second tare weight.
  5. Cash out!

- What’s On Your Receipt?


  1. Gross weight
  2. Tare weight (non-metallic items)
  3. Net weight
  4. Price per pound or gross ton
  5. Total payment amount
  6. Loyalty reward points earned

- Payment Services Offered:

Sullivan’s offers several ways to receive payment by cash or check.

  1. Checks can be mailed
  2. Cash can be picked up at either of our locations
  3. Payments can be made per job, on a monthly basis, or when requested

Don’t forget about Sullivan’s Loyalty Rewards Point System! For every dollar you receive, you will also earn reward points. You can then trade your reward points in for prizes! You are automatically entered for free and your points never expire.

Sullivan’s Scrap Metal is ready to help you with your special recycling needs, and provide you with the best recycling experience possible! Call or stop by one of our locations today!

*All new customers will receive a barcode* from scale operator.