Sullivan’s Summer Scholarship Opportunity

Sullivans Scrap Metals Creative Piece Challenge

Sullivan’s Creative Piece Challenge

Because We Believe in Education.

Sullivan’s Scrap Metals and Sullivan’s ReDeFind is pleased to announce the 2016 Creative piece Scholarship Contest. Enter your unique, creative and artistic piece in our contest this summer! It could be a picture with a small piece of copper in it, a screw in the top part of a wood carving, or even a repurposed metal chair….anything!

We believe that education is paramount in everything we do in life and is the cornerstone to bettering ourselves and our communities. Furthermore, we emphatically believe that everybody has some form of an artisitc ability deep within them. Culture, music, and art touch our souls and make us human.

Creating this scholarship, Sullivan’s Scrap Metals, hopes to fully interact and engage with those choosing to enrich their lives through education. Recognizing the benefit of art and culture and also making all aware of the importance of recycling, reuse, and repurpose will pull creative juices out of the soul otherwise which may remain hidden.

We invite all those who are enrolled in a post high school education to participate in our 2016 Creative piece challenge. You can be a 1st year, 2nd year, any year student and are eligible as long as your school is secondary education.

It can be a 2 year associate, 4 year university, or any post high school vocational education. The important issue we want to propagate is that you’re getting training or education. Once you have it…it is part of you permanently and nobody can ever extricate it from you.


Sullivan’s Scrap Metals has the right to alter rules/contest at anytime.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works:

Create your unique piece! You have the liberty of creating any piece of work you wish. The only requirement is that it needs to include at least one piece of scrap metal. Whether it is a small screw, a rusty nail, a piece of copper adhered to a picture you painted, a full welded steel sculpture, an old door you repurposed into a folding wall table, a drum converted into a light, etc. We are looking for creativity and we want you to have fun!

2. ENTER JUNE 1 – AUGUST 1, 2016
We will take applicants starting June 1, 2016 and all entries must be submitted by Aug 1, 2016 by 3:00 PM. Please fill out an application and provide the information required so we can get you in the contest. We will display your work at our facility as well as post a picture of you and your work on our website and facebook page for blind voting.


Voting will begin August 2 and run through August 8, 2016. There will be 2 prizes of $1,000 each for the top 2 contestants which will be made payable to your school directly.  We will also provide the ability for all contestants to market their work, at our sole discretion, at our new storefront Sullivan’s ReDeFInd.  There we will place your work for sale and provide you with the proceeds.


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