A Batmobile Made from Scrap Metal?

26-year-old Li Weilei along with several tech friends have built a full-scale Tumbler Batmobile replica out of scrap metal at a warehouse in Shanghai.

It cost Li approximately $11,000 to build the replica, and even with the hefty build cost, it can’t actually move under its own power.  The build took 10 months and around 10 tons of scrap metal.

Though it cannot move, the model does come equipped with a steering wheel and driver’s seat. Li uses a crane and flatbed trailer to move his Batmobile from location to location.

Li has created ten Batmobile replicas, and has utilized recycled materials in every build. He also earns income renting out his models, which also includes Transformer robots, which averages about $12,000 a month.

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