We Accept Freon-Containing Materials

We Accept Freon-Containing Materials

That’s right! Celebrate Earth Day every day by recycling your scrap metal materials that contain Freon at Sullivan’s!

Sullivan’s Scrap Metals can recycle your refrigerators, freezers, humidifiers, residential and commercial air conditioning units and more! We ensure that the environmentally-hazardous gases stored in these units are properly reclaimed by partnering with an approved processor.

Virtually no other scrap operation in the country is willing to offer this service. It’s important to us because as a scrap metal recycler, our #1 priority is safety and the environment. The impact of improperly handled freon-containing materials in our air can be catastrophic and dangerous to human health if exposed.

What is Freon?

Freon is a chemical substance with multiple applications in commerce and industry production. Freon is a trade name covering a multitude of chemicals known as chlorofluorocarbons, that contain carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Freon is mainly used in refrigeration, the production of lubricants and fluorocarbon resins and as a solvent in aerosol propellants. Common types of Freon include Freon 11, Freon 12 and Freon 22. It is made in the form of non-flammable and colorless liquids and gases.

Why is Freon so dangerous?

Having such a widespread use, it is a real problem when it comes to handling scrap materials. If you are exposed to Freon it can cause an irregular heartbeat and skin rashes. If exposed to high concentrations, you may experience dizziness, asphyxia, and loss of concentration or coordination. Although its effects appear to be short-term, its long term effect on our environment is more concerning. It’s known to cause a depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. This means that more UV radiation reaches the Earth’s surface and can cause serious risks to human health.

What’s the best way to handle Freon-containing materials?

We highly suggest bringing your materials containing Freon to one of our scrap yards. Do not dump your materials in a landfill. Do not attempt to reclaim the materials yourself. If you are unsure, just ask us! Give us a call at (215) 442-1504. These are some of the common Freon-containing materials that we accept:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Humidifiers
  • Home A/C Units
  • Industrial A/C Units
  • And more!

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We hope you will show Mother Earth some love and participate in an Earth Day activity April 22. You can find out more about the organization and campaign events at www.earthday.org. Thank you for your support!

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