Easter is Sunday April 5th

All of us at Sullivan’s Scrap Metals wish you and your families a very Happy Easter!

We will operate on our normal business hours on Good Friday, April 3 and Monday, April 6.

Did you know that the first Easter baskets were designed to give an appearance of a bird’s nests? Easter is always on a Sunday and falls between March 21 (after the Spring Equinox) and April 25. The most common symbol of Easter is the egg, which is considered a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

Here’s some more fun Easter trivia:

• In the 19th century, women who attended Easter services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral strolled up Fifth Avenue to show off their new Easter bonnets in what later became known as the Easter Parade.

• The most popular flower for decorating church altars at Easter? It’s the white trumpet lily, symbolizing grace, purity and virtue.

• Lilies account for more than half of all Easter gift plants purchased for the holiday followed by azaleas, and African violets.

• Among fresh flower gift bouquets purchased for the holiday, mixed flower arrangements head the list at 34%, followed by daffodils/iris/tulips at 15%, and roses at 9%.

• Easter and Passover account for close to 15 percent of annual floral purchases made throughout the year.

• The Easter Bunny as a holiday deliverer of candy and eggs is thought to have started in Germany during the Middle Ages.

• Each year, candy manufacturers produce more than 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies for Easter. Meanwhile, research shows that solid chocolate bunnies are the most popular — followed by hollow chocolate bunnies, and marshmallow chocolate bunnies.

• Studies also prove that 76% of Americans will eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first.

• 88% of American parents are expected to help out the Easter Bunny this year by carrying on the Easter tradition of creating Easter baskets for their kids.

• While Easter remains a moveable feast, the official observance of National Jelly Bean Day takes place every year on April 22nd.

• 16 billion jelly beans are produced each year.

• Cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor among kids.

• Peeps are manufactured in the US at a mind-boggling rate of five million a day.

• Peeps are made from three simple ingredients: gelatin, corn syrup, and yellow dye #5.

• Coloring eggs was brought to a high art when medieval English kings dispersed hundreds of decorated, gold-leafed eggs throughout the royal household at Easter.

• Another royal, Russian Czar Alexander, was later responsible in 1883 for commissioning the famous Faberge eggs – from goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge – as an Easter gift for his wife, the Empress Marie.

• According to the Guinness Book of World Records the largest Easter egg ever made was unveiled in Cortenuova, Italy in 2011 weighing in at 8,968 lbs. of dark chocolate and marshmallow.

• The largest decorated Easter egg was made in Alcochete, Portugal in 2008 measuring more than 48 ft. long and a little over 27 feet in diameter.