Scrapping 101 With Sullivan’s


Would you like to recycle and sell your scrap metal, but aren’t sure how it works? The Sullivan’s experience is fast and easy!

How it works:

  • New customers; bring a valid photo ID.
  • Get a barcode from the scale operator. (Your barcode acts as your identity at our scrap yard and is yours to keep. Bring it with you every time you come to Sullivans. It will also track your Loyalty Reward Points.)
      • Take your materials to one of our scales.
    • Hand your barcode to the scale operator. They will weigh your material and give you your receipt.
      • Take your receipt to the ATM located in the front parking lot in the small building with the blue roof.
  • Scan the barcode located at the top of your receipt to get your money.

For more details,┬áCheck out the Sullivan’s Scrapping Metal 101 page! >>

Contact Sullivan’s today for all your metal recycling needs. We make it fast and easy for you!